BoB Hunt Prize from VITAMEN

BoB (Boxers or Briefs) Hunt is gonna start on 25th Jan!
This is "Underwears Hunt" for Men ;)

Men's Underwear VITAMEN

Hunt Prize from VITAMEN is "Speed Racer" Boxer & Tank (2colors:Red&Blue)

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from Information-Board at my store VITAMEN ;)
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BoB Hunt (Boxers or Briefs Hunt)
from 25th Jan. to 14th Feb.

Stores are...
CheerNo,Kosh,Aitui,Peer,Emery,Valient,Fear & Clothing,ELIXIR
Plastik,MF Designs,4 Arsenic,WoE,Robbish,ALIENATED,siXX Designs
Aregnt Orange,44 Caliber,BAlACLAVA!!,Hate This,TempT
Wicked tattoos,ConCrete Flowers,Dijnn & Tonic,Get Butch,Somapop
BalAni,Havana,Figure 8,Vitamen...and more !!

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Hunt-Hint From VITAMEN(Shop#29) is... "Set Your Head Up! " lol
Enjoy your staying at 2nd Floor ;)

New Freebie for Jan.

VITAMEN Monthly Freebie is Available at my main-store ;)
In this month, January, it's Roku-Shaku Fundoshi made from Silk.
Fundoshi is japanese traditional loincloth. We wear it under the kimono, as underwear.
But, there is no rule in SL-Style. I feel so happy if you'd find your own style ;)


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Happy New Year ! from VITAMEN


Happy New Year, Guys!
May the New Year turn out to be the happiest and the best for you ;)

Well, First posting of new year is about my new product "Roku-Shaku Fundoshi".

Men's Underwear VITAMEN

I think some ppl may know this, "Roku-Shaku Fundoshi" is traditional japanese loincloth.
Long ages ago, Samurai used to wear this as underwear.
Even now, We can see boys & men who wear a tight loincloth at japanese festival.

Men's Underwear VITAMEN

VITAMEN Fundoshi has 6 colors and 1 traditional design pattern x 3 colors.
If you have a chance to wear KIMONO, I recomend to wear fundoshi as underwear ;)

Men's Underwear VITAMEN

Hugz ;)
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