Mr.tou-Gen-kyo Contest

[ Information about reconstruction of "tou-Gen-kyo" sim ]

"tou-Gen-kyo", the sim of one and only gay community in SL Japan will take 3 month break from February 1st 2014 to reborn as more exciting and attractive space.

The sim will awake in the morning of May 1st. We are looking forward to it.

Perhaps, the sun is shining brightly high in the sky and the sea is glittering and merged to the sky. The wild jungle is filled with fresh fruits waiting for your lips and tongue to taste and make them exploded.

The pool is filled with fresh cool water and the surface is calm beautifully. It 's expecting your body to draw an arc from the sky and dive in the water with the big splash sensually.

The mountain opens its mouse slowly and creates comfortable cave. It'll be a hideout from the sun on the beach and console your sunburned body. The cave is expecting to be loosen by your heavy breathing.

And when the night comes down..

Our famous sensual club creates the sensual beats that make you feel between your legs and bring you up in the fire of ecstasy. You'll experience the orgasmic moments in the beats.

We are preparing many private spots where you can make your own stories in new tou-Gen-kyo, Jungle, beach, pool, cave, gym, night club, private cottages, and a mall with high quality designers stores for men.

Please return to us when you have plenty of time, with nothing but great expectations of pleasurable experience. Until then, we have to say good bye to our fans.

But we won't let you miss us during this closing time. We prepared some fun for you.


[ Information about "Mr.tou-Gen-kyo" Contest ]

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When our Eden is reborn, we are looking for that special person who catches our eyes, who makes our hearts beat, to represent tou-Gen-kyo, a Dream Boy "Mr. tou-Gen-kyo". We hope it will be someone, you, who loved and enjoyed our tou-Gen-kyo all the time.


::Term of the application::
Applications will be accepted by April 15th 2014.

1. You must be over 21 years old in RL ( due to the setting of the sim - ADULT ) and must be male avatars. NO child avatars will be allowed.
2. You must be gay or gay/LGBT friendly
3. Your SL account must be created before October 2013.
4.You must be able to participate in the final live competition on 9 pm SLT May 10th, 2014.

::How to judge::
*The first selection will be judged by the photos.
*The final judgment will be done after the dance show in the tou-Gen-kyo reopening event, ( You'll be asked to dance on the stage. )

*The first selection - tou-Gen-kyo executive members
*The final judges - tou-Gen-kyo executive members and the public votes at the event.

::Public announcement of the winners::
*The finalists will be announced on May 1st, 2014 in the tou-Gen-kyo Blog
*Announcement of Mr tou-Gen-kyo & the first runner up:
It will be announced during the dance event on May 10th (Sat), 2014.

Cash -- 10,000L$
Realistic SL car
Photo sessions with photographers for Magazines

*The first runner up
Cash -- 5,000L$
Realistic SL motor cycle
Photo sessions with photographers for Magazines

The finalists must come to the rehearsal and the dance show on May 10th (Sun) at 9 pm SLT which will be the final stage.

More information about "Mr.tou-Gen-kyo"contest is on " tou-Gen-kyo official blog ".

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