VITAMEN in The24 2015 Event

The 24 sim is open today.
Come & check out all the new limited edition releases from many shops.
2 beautiful sims are full of home goods, womens wear, mens wear, accessories, skins, and more.
Enjoy a full week of shows, events, and more at The 24 2015!

The 24 2015 by Siren Productions
11st - 19th Sep. 2015
[ The 24 Landing Point ]

Men's Underwear VITAMEN
VITAMEN Limited Edition Item for The 24
Men's Long Boxer Brief [Money Maker] -Only 150 Copies-

Men's Underwear VITAMEN
VITAMEN Special Release Item for The 24
Men's Long Boxer Brief [Rainbow Stripes The 24 Ver.] -11st to 19th Sep.2015-

Men's Underwear VITAMEN
VITAMEN Shop in The 24 event
Direct LM to VITAMEN Shop in The 24
[ The24 VITAMEN Shop Landing Point]

See you at The 24 :)

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