MENstuff Hunt Prize from VITAMEN

The Biggest men's Hunt event "MENstuff Hunt" has started on 3rd Jun.
Over 150 shops welcome you guys ;)

MENstuff Hunt : 3rd Jun. to 3rd Jul.
Hunt Object : Blue Tshirt with MENstuff logo (Sculpted prim made)
Official blog : MENstuff
MENstuff Lounge : Join the group"MENstuff" to hunt prize;)
Starting Point : #1 KMADD Enterprise

Men's Underwear VITAMEN

VITAMEN is #15 shop.
Hunt prize from VITAMEN is " Cat Bikini Set ".
Prim Bikini with Cat.
Float ring ( and swim-animation).
Float rings on arm.
All prims are re-size scripted.

Here's a Clue to find the object in VITAMEN
" Hey Kitty, Isn't it hot there? "

Men's Underwear VITAMEN

Enjoy the summer beach with my naughty kitty ;P

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